Elementary Supervisors

Ms. Cummings
Ms. Christine Cummings
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Mr. Paul Nazarok
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Welcome to the Frog Pond Elementary School where our professional staff and support personnel are here to provide our children with quality educational experiences that form the foundation for their lives as life-long learners.

As partners in your child’s education, we invite you to join our school’s learning community through your active participation in our programs and your support of our district policies and procedures.  We welcome your involvement in the activities that take place in your children’s classrooms and in those overseen by our Partners in Education Program (PIE). We look forward to seeing you at the various events that are sponsored by our school and by our PTA. 

Of utmost importance to us all is the safety of your children while they are here at school and on the bus.  As such, we ask you to reinforce with your children the importance of following our school rules and the rules set forth for a safe ride on our buses. 

Regular attendance at school is vital to the academic and social success of all children.  Our Board policy for attendance is very clear.  We ask you to refer to this policy in the Parent Handbook that you will be receiving.  Coming to school every day, coming in on time, and being prepared for class are three of the most important factors in helping your children be successful learners.  Important learning begins to take place as the soon as the children come into school.  Missing even a little of that learning can lead to a gap in your children’s education. 

We are proud to serve our school district as Elementary Supervisors.  With our Principal, Mr. Henderson, we work as a team to bring what is best for your children to their educational experiences.  We look forward to working with you as well to make this happen.

Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation as you share your greatest treasures – your children - with us.