Frog Pond Elementary Makerspace

Frog Pond Elementary Makerspace
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The Ideals and Philosophy of Our Frog Pond Elementary School Makerspace

Dear Parents and Guardians:

It is our great fortune to be able to obtain and construct a Makerspace in our Frog Pond Elementary School.  Our students will have the ability to collaborate on problem solving for real situations, inventing new machines and systems, technologically build and create codes to operate robots, design wearable technology, and develop polymers among others as some of our far-reaching goals in order to prepare for the 21st Century workforce.  Some of the opportunities we would like to provide in our Makerspace include, but are not limited to:

·         Robotics

·         Various building materials to create prototypes

·         3D Printing/Design (eventually)

·         Hacking/Remixing the Web/Coding

·         Computer Programming

·         Wearable Technology

·         Electronic/Papertronics

·         Polymers

·         Engineering Inventions

Soon we will begin utilizing the Makerspace with 5th Graders and then we will follow with other grades.  Our children will be able to fill out a recess pass, which will include a design plan to solve a problem during their recess period as a choice for recreation.  An awesome time for CREATION!

Here’s a peek!

El Ed Makerspace:

Example of a Makerspace El Ed Program:

We are now in the planning stages of the Makerspace and we are looking to extend the Makerspace into the LEH Community as well.  We are accepting offers of expertise help in just about every avenue of management, design and business in many professions such as:  the medical field, lab technologists, communication corporations, engineers and builders, electricians, carpenters, organizers, fund-raisers, grant writers,  scientists, chefs, chemists, recycling managers, conservationists, construction contractors and workers, marketers, financial planners, commercial designers, plumbers, bankers, computer programmers and analysts, etc.  We are well aware of just how much talent is in our Frog Pond Family alone!  

We need you!  There are so many ways to contribute to the success of this program!

We would like to reach out to local township offices, businesses and corporations to partner with our Frog Pond Makerspace program so that the children will benefit by having experts in the field as resources, guides and supervisors on special projects.  This sharing of time and talent is a gift for our future.   You never know where or how a student will become inspired!

Our successful Makerspace  will have to be stocked with materials that are both maintained in the Makerspace as well as consumed and replaced.  We will require that many items be safely sent in from home and we hope to obtain materials and/or donations from the many area businesses, industries and corporations in Little Egg Harbor Township and the surrounding area stores.  WE have had the great fortune to have even had Home Depot present us with a contribution to lend support of towards the roll-out of our  Makerspace!  To date, we have been stocking our Makerspace shelves slowly with many teacher-donations, but we really need the help of our entire Frog Pond Family.

We are also looking for people to serve on Makerspace Central who will utilize their leadership, communication and organization skills to act as a liaisons between businesses, industries and professionals in all careers, along with keeping an inventory of the Makerspace materials and replacements.  If you signed on to be PIE Volunteer for the Frog Pond school, this may be an area of interest for you.  We are especially interested in volunteers who have raised funds for organizations or who have experience in grant writing and can share those skills with us.   The Makerspace will be as efficient and as far-reaching as possible with the help of many and our children only stand to benefit!

We are currently looking to add all types of Legos for architectural design and simple machines, as well as engineering kits like Raspberry Pi, Makey-Makey Kits, littleBits, Robot Kits, and coding Software. But we are also in need of the following basic items found at home, trade businesses or offices:

PVC pipes

shoe boxes


pipe cleaners


duct tape

cotton balls




plastic table cloths

pipe insulation

plastic covered wire

electric circuit boards

architecture planning paper


nuts and bolts


plastic tubing

small hammers

plastic cups

clear plastic cups

plant cuttings

pH test paper

chlorine testers

salinity testers

litmus paper

poster board

tri-fold displays

scraps of wood

plastic place mats


different sized ziploc bags

potting soil



stuffing foam

carpenter’s pencils

different types of scales

bendable wire


carpet squares

dry erase pens

Post-it notes

tissue paper

We are quickly rounding the corner towards Parent/Teacher Conferences (October  19 and 27th and November 1st)  We will have a Makerspace Donation Tree available at the doors for each family to choose a “needed material” leaf.  When you return the leaf and the item, your name on your leaf will be proudly displayed on our Makerspace Tree of Family Donors outside the Makerspace for all to see!  Please feel free to suggest materials that are safe and useful too!  All kinds of materials can be repurposed for new, creative prototypes and inventions!

Here are a few things we will need:


Advanced LEGO sets

Erector Sets

Lincoln Logs



Circuit boards

Gently Used Chemistry Sets

Electronics for Kids

Wooden blocks

Any kind of building sets that are safe for children

Hot Wheels tracks

Please see our FPE website or Mrs. Nielsen’s website for a standing list of consumable materials needed for the Makerspace.

At Frog Pond Elementary we are tremendously excited and thankful for this Makerspace opportunity!  Who knows where our future tinkerers will take us!  The sky’s the limit and we are not afraid to try!


          YES WE CAN!!!

Thank you for all the time, talent, materials, help and interest you pay forward to the success of this Makerspace endeavor!  The future belongs to our Maker Children!